Blue Water Sailors of the Vietnam War


List of Contaminated Ships


Blue Water Sailors of the Vietnam War was established in December 2012 from the remnants of V A S V W and will continue to pursue active grass roots legislative efforts, along with innovative methods of working with Congress to promote our primary goal, restoration of presumption of exposure to Agent Orange.
We have members from all branches of service, widows and survivors, and sailors who served in every type of ship and water craft during the Vietnam War. From Submarines to Aircraft Carriers, from Swift Boats to Destroyers and Cruisers, from Oilers and Ammo ships to Communications and Landing Ship Docks and from Sweeps to Coast Guard Cutters, we’ve served in them all.
Come join us and be an important part of something that will help Veterans. Join B W S V W today! Go to and become of part of a difference maker in the lives of Veterans.

193 cosponsors (127D, 66R)

B W S V W is in full support of H.R. 543 The Blue Water Navy Vietnam Veterans Act as well as any new bill coming out of the Senate, the new Agent Orange Equity Act of 2013 because they are short, simple, to the point, and the nearest bills that have been presented to what the B W S V W is advocating, a restoration act, nothing more, nothing less and the only restriction is "Territorial Waters". While these bills aren't going to cover everyone in the Blue Water Navy, they will cover a large majority of them and will get the benefits restored and going for those members of Blue Water Navy Vietnam Veterans who served within the stated limits.

It's imperative that you contact your Senators and Representative to support these bills and their funding and enactment.

You should also contact the Senate Veterans Committee and the House Veterans Committee as well.